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100% Pure Plant-Based Skincare


Mary Jo

//Essence//   is defined as the core nature or beauty of a plant.   This beauty is the sun's energy found deep within the waters of every living plant and every living being.

Having a gratitude mindset is still one of the most valuable tools I try to use daily. Waking up each day, proclaiming to be happy and grateful for whatever joy, abundance and love finds me on this day, is unbelievably rewarding for my emotional health. As I start my walk each morning, I recite a Navajo beauty prayer that says “With the beauty before me, I walk. With the beauty behind me, I walk. With the beauty below me, I walk. With the beauty above me, I walk. With beauty all around me, I walk. For me this has a way of bringing beauty from within, outward and casts a strong echo of love out into the world.

The Alpine Essence product line is made by using the pure hydrosols of Pine, Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, and Rose Geranium.  Blended with magnesium they will:

—Help restore elasticity

—Reveal a beautiful glow

—Promote healing and healthy skin

—100% organic and natural 


We are a sum of all our choices.  Every choice we make creates our body, health, and even the life we live.  Even the skincare we choose creates a frequency, which will raise or lower the level of health found in our skin.  Want beautiful skin?  Simply choose all-natural products to raise your energy within, it's that easy!


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