Growing, distilling and blending herbs to create
health and beauty

//Essence//   is defined as the core nature or beauty of a person or thing.   This beauty is the energy found deep within the waters of every living plant and every living being.

Here at Alpine Essence Lavender Farm you will find only the purest herbs grown, distilled and blended to reveal such beauty in you. 

You will find the base of our skin care is especially blended with the essence of the herbs:  Lavender, Chamomile, Rose Geranium and Calendula.  They are all four grown here where they are then harvested and steam distilled to release their essence.  These herbs have been chosen for their specific nutrients that will help reveal pure natural beauty found within you.

All of our products are designed to be highly absorbable and will not clog the pores nor sit on the surface of the skin but will create a pathway to healing and discovering the beauty that lies within.



Lavender gently moisturizes skin and pores and is naturally anti-bacterial which means it helps fight against any acne breakouts.   This also helps prevent and soothe eczema patches.  Lavender will help keep the skin balanced, not too oily nor too dry.

Lavender is a known superstar for keeping anxiety at bay which only adds to the benefits of bringing this essence in.

It will detoxify pores and fight infection.  It is a powerful anti-oxidant which means it is a wonderful anti-aging tool used to keep wrinkles away.


If Chamomile were a food it would be known as a superfood, for it is truly a superhero for the skin.  It helps reveal a natural glow found in the skin.  It increases the absorbability and effectiveness of the other ingredients paired with it.  It helps with the regeneration process and is all the anti's which fights anti-aging as a real life superhero. 

Chamomile is  not only great for your skin, but will revitalize the health of your hair with a radiant shine, bounce and softness.  Chamomile is a beauty must have in your regimen.

_Sweet Scented Geranium_ flowers (or Ros

                                 Rose Geranium

Rose Geranium soothes and balances the natural skin pH levels.  It is an absolute amazing humectant, bringing moisture to the layers of the dermis and removing all signs of aging.  Rose geranium is not only beauty in a bottle but inhaling this wondrous flower brings joy and peace to the nervous system as well.


Calendula is one of those herbs that is a go to for every skin complaint.  It is a beautiful medicinal to have in your skin care product.  It gives visual improvement by aiding in the regeneration process.  It is another antioxidant powerhouse for each individual petal contains 5 different and strong elements that will give tremendous benefits to the skin.