Calendar of Events | 2022

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June 8th:


Introduction: Reawaken and reconnect to your soulful self using:  

1.  Energy system found within the body.

2.  The miraculous healing effect of your breath.

3.  Increase your level of health by eating more of the sun's life force via whole foods.

4.  Learn how to get radiantly healthy skin.

5.  Find out how different forms of movement contain healing vibrations.

6.  Reawaken your soulful self and live more simply.

June 15th

All about the internal energy system of the body.

Learn how to strengthen this system, clearing out inflammation and toxicity through powerful breath meditation.

June 22nd

 Join us as we will practice the main central governing flow + and meditation together.  Bring a yoga mat or blanket.

June 29th

The breath has the power to balance the nervous system, detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and bring focus and creativity.

July 6th

All food carries a vibration that will raise or lower your own frequency.

July 18th

Join us for another informal night of practicing the main central governing flow + meditation.


July 20th  Learn how to get radiantly beautiful skin.

July 27th 

Join us again for a fun night of learning how simple techniques to bring about beautiful skin and lower stress in minutes.

August 3rd  Learn how the 3 different types of movement affect the health of the body.

August 10th

 Join us for another fun night of moving together.  Learn a few simple moves that hold tremendous health benefits.

August 17th 

Learn how to live more connected to your Soulful self via minimalism and gain greater purpose and meaning.

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