The essence of a plant is its own message and each communicates therapeutic healing properties, consisting of powerful agents for healing and transformation.

Alpine Essence, a small farm located in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, owned and operated by Russ and Mary Jo Gentert, grows and steam distills lavender, chamomile, calendula, rose geranium and peppermint.  Each of these herbs are harvested by hand and steam distilled to extract their natural essence.  These 5 herbs have become the foundation of our skin care line as well as our wellness products.

Our handcrafted product line is designed to nurture and help reveal the essence within.  Our products are 100% pure, light, easily absorbed in order for the body to benefit from all the extraordinary nutrients the herbs possess.

Both face and body moisturizers are designed to fully hydrate and nurture the skin, revealing your natural beauty that lies within.

Our magnesium wellness products use the plants essence to activate the innate mind-body healing system which restores vibrant health and well-being.

Whether it be pure, authentic, radiant beauty or a vibrant, thriving healthy body, we believe both can be found in the essence of a plant or flower.

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