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"The essence of a plant is its own message and each communicates therapeutic healing properties, consisting of powerful agents for healing and transformation"    —Mary Jo Gentert


 I was forced to learn natural healing methods in 1992, when our 7 year old daughter suddenly became ill and have become passionately obsessed with the miraculous energy system of the body. 


Since opening my practice as a Jin Shin and Emotion Code practitioner in 2007, I have become fascinated by the different frequencies found in each organ of the body, including the skin.  The higher the frequency, the healthier the skin and body. 


This energy system found within the body, is in a constant healing mode.  As an energy practitioner, I find and remove stagnation, which then restores the flow of the electrical system.  Stagnation may come from old injuries, stress, food stress, or even be inherited.  Once the stagnation is removed, the healing begins.



Several years ago Russ and I started growing lavender, rose geranium, peppermint, chamomile, and calendula, specifically for their healing frequencies. Russ steam distills each herb to extract the life energy or essence found within the plant.  He uses a process that keeps their frequencies whole and intact, in order to deliver all of their energy and nutrients to the skin and body.

This extracted fluid is used in creating all of the Alpine Essence skincare products, each designed for healing and promoting cellular regeneration.

Using them with clients has been an incredible laboratory of sorts, providing the opportunity to perfect the healing process the skin undergoes.  For example:

  • The wonderful blend of pine, calendula, and rose geranium has been remarkable for healing precancerous skin lesions.  

  • The combination of pine, peppermint, and rose geranium has shown to be incredibly powerful in helping people who suffer from neuropathy, joint pain, swelling of joints, and all muscle soreness. 

  • Blending pure lavender and magnesium can’t be beaten when needing a great night’s sleep.  Spray on the feet before bed and deepen your sleep, allowing the body to rest and regenerate.


Both Russ and I are passionate in keeping our product line 100% pure, whole, and natural, for we believe it is the only way to reveal the potential for radiantly beautiful and healthy skin.

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