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Discover Your Essence

Discover Your Essence: A Breakdown of Our Product Line

Alpine Essence Farm handcrafts body and home products using our homegrown, all natural, organic lavender, chamomile and peppermint plants. We capture the inner essence of our own plants by using Rocky Mountain spring water in our steam distillation process which provides pure luxurious floral waters also known as hydrosol. Hydrosol contains all the properties of the plant from which it was extracted.

First, Lavender hydrosol has anti-viral and antibacterial properties making it an ideal room or car freshener, or a fantastic way to clean the yoga mat. It can be sprayed on your pillows before going to bed for sleep enhancement or used on bath towels leaving a refreshing scent throughout the bathroom. You can spritz your face and body to calm anxieties and encourage relaxation. It is easy to throw into your gym back to use for a quick spritz before heading back to work. Lavender hydrosol is also excellent for your pet care as it will help disinfect wounds, speed up healing and help keep a shiny coat.

Second, Chamomile hydrosol has calming qualities that will calm any 2 year old tantrum as well as soothes a baby’s sore gums when teething. It is an amazing remedy for diaper and heat rash. It has anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for all skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis and helps prevent acne.

It. too, has sleep inducing qualities and can also calm an upset stomach. With everyone’s summer adventures, chamomile hydrosol is great for irritated skin because of bug bites, abrasions, etc.

Third, Chamomile and Lavender have similar properties in that both have a calming affect on the body and its digestive system which is why we blend the two for a wonderful tea. When combined, the tea has powerful abilities to relieve stress and anxiety. It is used for menstrual cramps, menopause symptoms, colic and headaches. It can be consumed warm or cold and can be a perfect treat after a long day in the summer sun. Both Chamomile and Lavender have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties, along with their unique gift to calm and relax.

When we honor our body with all natural products we remove impurities and toxins which then brings beautiful rejuvenation. The essence within each of us is the most significant element, quality or aspect at our core, therefore, it needs to be deeply nourished with natural ingredients and in return beautiful radiance will be revealed.

Finally, Using an Ayurvedic philosophy, we blend our organic lavender and chamomile with a few other organic oils to create two luxurious face products. We offer a Eye/Face Serum as well as a Face Toner. Both of these products are handcrafted to deeply nourish and cleanse the face of toxins, removing impurities such as stress lines, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. They will not coat or smother the face for they are designed to be light and lustrous opening the skin to reveal the pure inner beauty that lies in all of us.

Authentic essence lies within each of us and within each of our lifestyles. When we nourish our bodies and our homes with natural elements, we rejuvenate and revitalize our authenticity revealing our true radiant essence.




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