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Two New Products I Can't Live Without!

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I kept smelling freshly cut apples or maybe even pineapples. We hadn’t had any recently but both my daughter and I kept smelling a sweet, fruity aroma. Our daughter, Kaitlyn was up at our house because I had asked her to help me pick chamomile flowers to dry for tea and we both got lost in the morning sitting in the chamomile bed talking and picking and suddenly we both stopped; it was the chamomile! The beautiful, daisy-looking blooms smelled so strongly of apple and pineapple that our mouths were watering.

Upon further research, I read that the word Chamomile comes from a Greek word meaning “earth apple.” When I became an aromatherapist I immediately knew I wanted to grow Peppermint and Chamomile along with our Lavender because of their health properties. At the time I was thinking I would use them both for tea, little did I know just how invaluable both these plants would become to me.

Our blended teas are wonderful but we now distill both plants for hydrosol and came up with blends that are absolutely fantastic.

We have a Peppermint-Lavender blended hydrosol that is both cool and refreshing, and we also have an amazing Chamomile-Lavender blend that is light, relaxing and slightly fruity.

Besides the lavender field we have 12 large raised beds with herbs, vegetables, Peppermint and Chamomile. You can smell the peppermint beds from several feet away and when you run your hand through the leaves you can even feel the light sensation revealing the cooling properties of the plant. The Chamomile beds look like a thick carpet of small daisy-like flowers that if rubbed between your hands reveals the most wonderful fruity aroma.

The Peppermint-Lavender blended hydrosol is anti-inflammatory, antiviral and bactericidal making it a beautiful cleaning spray on everything from the kitchen counter to your yoga mat. I love this spray on my bathroom counters and towels leaving the bathroom smelling minty fresh. Because of the peppermint, this blend also has cooling properties, making it mentally stimulating, very uplifting and a great boost to your morning. Additionally, it possesses properties to treat various symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, sluggishness, and even menopause. This hydrosol is a spray that leaves everything feeling cool and smelling minty fresh. It is great for a quick pick me up especially while in the car or even to give your kids a boost on the way to school. Kaitlyn is a high school teacher and loves using this blend in her classroom in the mornings.

Our Chamomile - Lavender blended hydrosol turned out to be quite the surprise and is currently my favorite of our line. Because of the wonderful smell that the flowers give off I was very excited to distill this plant, however when we were in the distillation process the smell was quite different than the plant itself. I was actually somewhat disappointed in the aroma. We set it all to cure, left on a vacation and the whole time I’m thinking about reducing the chamomile gardens and replacing it with peppermint. We came home and started with our blending process making up about 4 different chamomile/lavender ratios.

The first one I picked up revealed the most unexpected surprise for it delivered a wonderful, light, soothing and slightly fruity smell that had an immediate calming effect. It is safe to safe, the Chamomile plants are here to stay! Chamomile has calming properties and is very relaxing. Blended with the lavender it is an anti-inflammatory that is used on migraines, tired dry eyes and is very soothing on dry flaky, itchy skin. Years ago it was the go-to herbal remedy for children and babies; it is even said to have properties that will calm a 2 year old temper tantrum in minutes. It is also a very good spray on diaper rash. I spray this Chamomile blend on my hair and face the first thing every morning and am pleasantly surprised at the noticeable differences in both my skin and hair. We are currently using the Chamomile hydrosol in our upcoming body moisturizing mist and hope to have it for you to try in September. It is pure radiance. (I’m already trying to figure out where we can grow more Chamomile because that’s how much I love with this new body lotion.)

These blends have become staples in our home and daily lives and I cannot wait to share them with you!


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