• Mary Jo Gentert

Beauty Tip #1

“The beauty that lies within has ever a mysterious power.” -Plato

The beauty that is within each of us knows no limits nor boundaries and is waiting to be revealed.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water and approximately 30% of that water comes from fruits and vegetables. It is in this 30% where most of our beauty and the health of our skin comes from. If we use a light plant based skin care product we will be able to reap the benefits of this bottomless well of beauty, whereas if we use a thick lotion or cream we smother the skin and will not be able to reap the benefits that lie within.

It has been said that water is the fountain of youth, but not all water is the same. While the water we drink certainly helps lubricate joints, moves nutrients around in the body, flushes out toxins and even regulates our body temperature, the water we eat from fruits and vegetables hydrates the body faster and at a deeper cellular level. This water is absorbed slower, stays in our bodies longer and is full of vitamins and minerals in neat packages, assimilating perfectly inside the body. Our beauty and the health of our skin rely on this special vitamin rich water.

When we distill our lavender, chamomile and peppermint we are removing the essence of the plant. This essence is the hydrosol or floral water and it is packed with vitamins and minerals that are extremely healthy for our skin. We then handcraft this hydrosol and essential oil into skin care products. When we use a skin care product derived from plants, with no added chemicals, preservatives or fillers, we first will experience an amazing detoxing of the skin, but the most wonderful part is how this floral water assists in bringing out our very own essence from within. It is in this essence that your beauty lies in an abundance, ready and waiting.

The natural vitamins and minerals in plants, fruits and vegetables are just that, natural. They truly cannot be duplicated or replicated with the same properties. These properties will assimilate perfectly within our bodies. By using plant based skin care you will be receiving a gift that was created for you and the beauty you possess. Unlike a store bought beauty product, this well of beauty is a gift that knows no limits, nor boundaries and will surpass your every expectation. Using a plant based skin care routine you will uncover endless natural beauty like you have never seen before.


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Your beauty will love it!




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