• Mary Jo Gentert

Beautiful skin requires a commitment, not a miracle.

She walked in with her head tilted to the right while looking down at the floor. I could see she was shy and and she looked tired, but I quickly noticed that she seemed to be carrying a heavy burden of some sort. After brief introductions, I asked her, “Before we begin is there anything you would like us to work on?” Her shoulders shrugged as if she wasn’t sure and then for a brief moment I caught a glimmer of a soft glow underneath her protective shield. I could tell that shield was getting pretty heavy for her yet at the same time I sensed that she wanted to lay it down. As she laid on the massage table I noticed her head was still tilted to the right. As we got further into her session she softened her gaze and put down that shield for a few brief moments, just long enough for me to feel the weight of her burden. She lowered her voice and with a quivering lip softly asked if there was anything I could do for her face as she revealed her right side. To be quite honest I didn’t know how to respond for I really didn’t see anything horribly wrong, but she did. She had been born with a port-wine stain on her right cheek as well as some scars which she proceeded to describe exactly where each came from in great detail, each were an attempt to remove or hide the stain. After years of childhood ridicule she could only see the stain when gazing into a mirror.

We do not have to be defined by our experiences or our interpretations of them. We are in control of our experiences and their impact on our daily lives. It is not that this woman needed change but she needed healing. Our bodies are designed to heal holistically and the following can do just that for our skin.

This JSJ hold has the nickname “the facelift” and helps the first two skin depths and works to clean, purify and even regenerate the skin. It also relaxes the muscles of the body, balances the temperature of the body and helps with all assimilation and elimination just to name a few.

  • Sit comfortably with legs drawn in and slightly crossed, placing the right hand on the left calf with fingertips in the crease of the knee and the same with the left hand on the right calf.

  • Hold for 20 minutes a day for 2 weeks and then continue as desired.

  • Each time I do it I can feel my skin tighten on my face and various parts of my body.

  • I find this hold very relaxing and comfortable and such a simple thing to do yielding miraculous rewards.

To continue this client’s story, I worked on her for several sessions and each week I tweaked her diet in order to relieve the body of a little congestion which would give it more energy to be used elsewhere. She was instructed to do “the facelift” every day for 30 days. I also explained that our skin has 3 main layers and those layers are rich in immune cells forming a complex network called the “skin immune system.” This system basically looks for all pathogens and microorganisms, constantly working to restore a clean healthy balance between the host and the skin microbiome. This particular hold will give that immune system a big boost and at this point she was willing to try anything.

She successfully tweaked her diet, removed all her skin products that contained man made chemicals, which freed up her body, enabling her immune system and then she held her calves daily. Two weeks into the process she came for her appointment with excitement and smiles. She thought the scars were lighter and that the skin had a smoother texture that wasn’t there before. Although in all honesty I didn’t see a huge difference yet, but she did. Two more weeks went by and this time the scars were barely visible and I was shocked to see that the port wine stain was visibly lighter. More importantly, the shield she had been bearing since childhood had been laid down. She was beginning to come into her own, true, authentic beauty and essence.


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