• Mary Jo Gentert

Alpine Essence Announces New Product: HYDRATING HAIR MIST

We have been bursting at the seams waiting to make this announcement! We have been working on this for about 6 months and are finally ready for the reveal. As you may know we grow Lavender, Chamomile and Peppermint here at Alpine Essence Farm and we make all natural, organic skin care products using an ayurvedic philosophy that all is within. All beauty, power and self discipline lies within each of us and our skin care helps individuals discover their authentic beauty that lies within them. We have put together a blend of hydrosols and come up with a wonderful HYDRATING HAIR MIST. This is a serum that will bring shine to the hair, tones and conditions the scalp, increase hair growth and add volume. I use it after my shower as a detangler and volumizer. The chamomile has given it a silky softness while the lavender has added volume and shine not to mention it has increased my hair growth.

Hydrosols are the essence or floral water from the plants which means they are full of the pure vitamins and minerals straight from the plants essence.

It was in learning what exactly lies within, what we have been gifted with, that I decided I no longer wanted to color my hair and in that process I discovered that my hair had not only lost its luster but had also started thinning out and I began to worry about it. I tweaked my diet a little, removed oils and the hair loss stopped. However, the shine still wasn’t there and the hair growth seemed slow at first. I started using my hydrosols and everything returned even better than before. It is still growing like crazy and changing every single week.

Using the hydrosol has also allowed me to skip shampooing it as often as I had been. It stays clean and healthy longer than ever before. I am so excited to see all the changes and for you guys to start using it.

As it turns out nothing can even compare to the gifts we have all been given.

All it takes is a little trust and maybe a little tlc to go discover what exactly lies within.


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