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Magnesium Detox Soak

Magnesium Detox Soak

I am a Jin Shin practitioner, a type of acupuncturist, and have been researching and developing ways to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation leads to pain of various forms, anxiety, and overall stress.

My first session with a client includes the process of Body Mapping. This process enables me to better understand the cause of the pain or dis-ease within a client.

From there, I research how best to navigate the pain and begin to teach the body how to heal itself. Most recently, my research led to the development of a bath soak to reduce pain and inflammation. To simplify the process, I modified the ratio to create a foot soak. My clients began to see results after their very first soak!

NOW, Alpine Essence Lavender Farm and Wellness Center offers a Magnesium Detox Soak that uses both magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate, blended with a sodium bicarbonate which alkalizes the body. We also added our own Lavender and Chamomile buds, giving this formula a powerful boost of antioxidants in order to go after free radicals within the body at the same time.

Magnesium chloride is easily absorbed into the entire body whereas magnesium sulfate will basically detox the muscles. It is believed that we are meant to absorb magnesium through the skin for by mouth the intestines can’t utilize it and will let you know with loose stools. By alkalizing the formula, thus the body, it makes the magnesium blend a powerful detox.

Benefits of soaking one’s feet in this formula include alleviating migraine headaches, diminishing arthritic pain, lessening insomnia and restless sleep, improved mobility, and an overall reduction of anxiety. One of my clients is even reporting a decrease in heart arrhythmia.

As an added bonus, this detox has the cleansing power to increase the elasticity of the skin, resulting in an increase of energy and overall well being!

Right now, we are offering single soaks for $6 a piece of 4 soaks for $20. Head to our website to order!

If you are curious about learning more or scheduling an appointment for a Body Mapping session, please email us at


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