• Mary Jo Gentert

Amla Has It All

Indian gooseberry may be one of the easiest and most powerful ways to help the vibrancy of our overall health. Known as Amla, this berry is known to greatly help with everything from high cholesterol, diabetes, fatty liver, insulin resistance and more.

Grown primarily on trees found in India, this fruit is slightly bitter but in Ayurvedic medicine it is known as one of the most powerful foods in the world. Amla boosts the immune systems due to the rich source of vitamin C along with iron, calcium and the high fiber content makes it a great aid in constipation.

It also contains chromium which is what helps the body regulate blood glucose levels.

Amla has strong anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties which will fights inflammation and reduces free radicals at the same time.

This Indian gooseberry has wonderful benefits for the hair, nails and is even great at keeping skin hydrated.

It comes in a powder form with a slightly bitter taste however you only need ½ teaspoon a day and I find it easy to add this to my raw oat breakfast without detecting any of the bitterness. There is also a great tea called Amla Green Tea Powder that consists of a wonderful blend of Amla and a dark green Oolong tea.

Amla is a powerhouse food that is so simple and yet a very important component that when added to your diet will give you immeasurable benefits.


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