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I happen to love what I do. I help people find their within. Your “within” contains perhaps your most prized gift you have ever been given. Out of this gift flows your health, power you may not realize you even have, control you also may not have realized that you possess, the strength of your immune system, your beauty and the health of your skin, even the amount of love and joy you feel all comes from within you. The list could actually go on for days because no matter what you could think of, the answer is always the same, it all resides in you. We have all been created with this special gift but at the same time we are also solely responsible for it as well. We must take care of it, feed it properly, call on it, rely on it, and undoubtedly use it.

I’m always blown away when working on clients at how the energy of the body is there in every single person and is always the same no matter whether that person is short or tall, old or young, male or female, not even the color matters to the energy of the body. If we have all been created with this gift then how do we accept it and then access it? There are many ways but a few of my favorites are breath exercises, healing meditations, prayer, skin care and yes definitely food and drink. These all take part in honoring what we have been created and gifted with but my valuable tool is my Jin Shin holds. I use these daily and probably my favorite thing to teach. This is a form of acupuncture and is easily done but also incredibly powerful and effective. Holds are specific energy locations that all exist on the outside of the body and on the inside they are all part of your bio-electrical system.

This system is always circulating which is good because the body heals anything and everything with good strong circulation.

As an example todays hold is one that regulates and helps strengthen all circulation throughout the body as well as the heart itself. It will also balance and strengthen the central nervous system in which every organ function resides in one or the other. One of my favorite things about this particular hold is the lung health. It is extremely powerful at increasing lung capacity as well as helping the lungs get healthier every single day.

For this exercise I use a timer on my phone and set it for 10 minutes and I find a comfortable chair. With my right hand I sandwich my left big toe sort of like fingers are a clothespin and then with my left hand I wrap my fingers around my right little finger. For the whole 10 minutes I take deep inhalations through my nose and then I just release the exhale through the mouth. When the 10 minutes are over I switch to the other side and repeat the process for another 10 minutes. As a little bonus, doing this in the morning will give you a little bit of energy plus a little feeling of joy to start your day with. Then of course be sure to head over to to purchase your freshly distilled Lavender and Magnesium product to keep you calm and happy all day long.


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