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This is our own steam distilled lavender blended with pure magnesium chloride hexahydrate.  It makes a wonderful spray for the entire torso and bottoms of your feet.   Both the pure lavender hydrosol and magnesium have even been restructured which means the cells are intact and once again a living fluid. 

It is believed that magnesium is best when it can be absorbed through the skin and when you spray this blend on the bottoms of your feet, right as you slip into bed you will experience a deeper and longer REM sleep.  I also recommend spraying a little in your hand and rubbing across the back and sides of the neck.  The magnesium uses the vagus nerve, found at the back of the neck, for an easy and quick way into the blood stream.  Together lavender and magnesium are great at helping you get an incredible nights sleep and giving balance to the central nervous system. 

Lavender + Magnesium Best Sleep Spray

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