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Radiant Skin Moisturizer is our newest face and body moisturizer that has numerous benefits.  It is made with pure Rose Geranium, Chamomile, Lavender and Calendula hydrosols.  All 4 are amazing with skin healing qualities and then the added hint of magnesium  kicks off a quick cellular regeneration, restoring elasticity within a few days.   The added blend of organic Plum Kernel and Rosehip oil makes this an unstoppable anti-aging moisturizer that is high in vitamins A, C and E.  Your skin becomes incredibly soft and radiant.  Once each herb has been distilled, we restructure each hydrosol right out of the still.  This means you are getting a fluid straight from the plant that is once again living, allowing you to absorb everything the plant has to offer.    This is one moisturizer you will definitely want to try.  Spray and massage the face and neck morning and night.   

Spray and massage entire body as needed.

RADIANT Skin Face + Body Moisturizer

  • This has a base of 100% pure Pine, Calendula, Chamomile hydrosols, and magnesium chloride hexahydrate.  To this blend Rosehip and Macerated (Jojoba) Wild Carrot Root oil is added.  

  • Shake well, spray face and neck then massage.  Use as hand and body lotion as needed.

    The separation is due to the fact that there is no man made emulsifier as that would compromise this natural product.

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