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From My Heart to Yours:

My name is Mary Jo Gentert and I was introduced to the natural world of health,

early in the 1990s when my young daughter became severely ill and placed in the

hospital.  This experience would begin a new life trajectory that would result in a

lifelong passion for learning about the mind, the body and the spirit.  


The body is extraordinary, fully equipped with a beautiful synchronicity and precise

flow that is constantly at work keeping us healthy.  It offers a bounty of gifts within that

not only heal but it also contains tools that will help us truly thrive. 


Studying the various modalities of healing has become a passion of mine.  My studies have included Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, EFT, Detox Splankna, Aromatherapy and Functional Nutrition.  Each of these have value, relevance, and a significant impact on our body’s ability to heal itself.  Though, it is within the art form of Jin Shin Jyutsu that I have found to be the most rewarding.  Jin Shin is a Japanese healing art that is easy to apply and has a profound healing effect on the body by simply removing congestion within the body using the bio magnetic electrical system.   


I opened my practice in 2007 and through my work with my clients I have developed an even greater admiration for the body as a vessel and an even greater reverence for its Creator and the many gifts and unlimited power that we have all been given.


My passion has continued to evolve and grow and I am determined and dedicated to remain a lifelong student.  It brings me great joy to teach this gift and empower others as I believe the greatest and most powerful gift we have been given lies within each of us. 


Jin Shin Session - 90 minutes.

Jin Shin is a Japanese art that uses our hands to balance the energetic mind, body and spirit.  Similar to acupressure it clears stagnation found within the body, restoring flow and circulation by using the bio magnetic electrical system which then allows the body to heal itself.  The body heals everything with a strong and healthy circulation. Many of life’s ailments such as chronic backaches, headaches, immune disorders, digestive issues and many others are relieved by clearing stagnant energy and restoring balance and well being.  It is in this state that all healing occurs.


Jin Shin + Infrared Sauna + Lymph Draining Facial - 90 minutes

This session addresses circulation of the whole body, clears inflammation and stagnation from food filters revealing possible toxicity.  It also includes 35 minutes in the infrared sauna blanket which removes built up inflammation from the whole body.   During the time spent in the infrared you will receive a lymph draining facial.


Custom Team Building, Department Outing or Fun with Friends.  2 hours

Bring your employees, teams or even friends and family out to tour and learn about the lavender, chamomile, calendula, rose geranium and peppermint being grown, harvested and distilled here.  Schedule a time to watch a distillation process and learn about the fluid known as the plants' essence and learn why you want this magical fluid on your skin. 


 Schedule a class to learn how to empower your overall health and well being, using tools such as your own hands and breath to remove pain and inflammation.

  • By using your eyes and breath you will learn how to calm and strengthen your central nervous system via the vagus nerve.

  • Learn a powerful Jin Shin healing flow that clears congestion and toxicity buildup from the spine.  When performed daily, this will establish a strong and healthy neck and back.

  • Learn how to establish a daily routine of simple but powerful Jin Shin Flows that will revitalize the overall health of the entire body.


Contact Mary Jo Gentert at alpineessenceco@gmail.com with questions or to schedule a class.