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Unlock the power of the nervous system and open the door to
optimal health and a vibrant fulfilling life.

The only true superfood is the water we drink and the sunshine we absorb 

living water

I am a Quantum Energy and Hydration Practitioner who specializes in healing and restoring cellular hydration functions to promote optimal health.

Living Waters

The human body is constantly engaged in a beautiful, self-regulating balance or dance of the nervous system.  The rhythmic movements of this dance serve both as a means of healing and as a creative force behind all existence as we perceive it. 

The body maintains the balance of health by utilizing the living waters present in the nervous system.  

Similar to how a river requires a continuous flow to generate clean and pure water, the cells in our body also require proper circulation for optimal hydration.  The free-flowing movement of these living waters is essential for overall health.

However, the body can accumulate heavy and burdensome toxicities that can impede circulation and contribute to the manifestation of various diseases.

These toxicities are mostly sourced from:​

Agricultural chemicals found in our Food and water.
Past illnesses
Heavy metals
Inherited imbalances.

Contact Mary Jo at to find out more about Quantum Healing or to set up an appointment for an
in-person or a distance session.

During a Quantum energy and hydration session, we focus on restoring balance with your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.   We check your cellular hydration levels and  eliminate any obstacles that may hinder the natural flow of divine energy.  The process involves utilizing a unique form of muscle testing and magnets to alter the frequency of the identified toxicity. The body eliminates toxins through its natural pathways, which we often overlook or take for granted. These pathways include urine, bowel movements, nasal breathing, skin, and even the release of fluids from the eyes.

In person Appointments

Option 1:  This 60 minute session identifies the toxicities connected to the symptoms through the special muscle testing process.  These toxicities are then reduced and eliminated.  

Option 2:  This 90 minute appointment includes a 30–40 minute Jin Shin session following the regular Quantum Energy session.  It is aimed at gently restoring circulation of the electrical lines in the body.  It also helps with the elimination process with the toxicities that have been identified earlier in the session.  This form of acupuncture is gentle and soothing, providing similar benefits to acupressure but without the use of needles.  

Distant Sessions

During distance sessions, you will experience the same quantum movement restoration as I act as the proxy on your behalf.  After removing the identified toxicities or imbalances, an email will be sent to you. This email will include a detailed explanation of all the findings, along with any recommended finger mudras that can assist you in the purge process.  If necessary, a follow-up phone call will also be provided.

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