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Hello and welcome to Quantum Health. We can't wait to start the first session in January of 2024!

About the Class

I have been practicing Energy healing for approximately 17 years. Over the past 5 years, I have made significant discoveries that I believe encompass the three fundamental principles essential to overall well-being and the essence of life. 

All aspects related to health, such as diseases, illnesses, inherited imbalances, and the healing process of injuries, can be directly linked to the presence of water in our cells, the movement of these fluids, and the production of hydrogen.

When the body comes into contact with substances like agricultural chemicals, it initiates a series of events that can rapidly lead to dehydration at one of the six levels within the body.  The body mapping system will identify the specific imbalance or toxicity and its corresponding cellular imprint, known as hydrogen.  Once you have located the target, you can initiate the purging process. This involves mapping out each stop and adjusting their frequencies in order to successfully complete the purge.

Course Details

This course is ideal for you if you have an interest in health and wellness and want to learn more about how to assist others lead healthier lives.

Whether you want it for yourself, your loved ones, or to help others, this is a resource that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

  1. You will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to identify the precise underlying cause of any symptom, illness, or disease.

  2. You will create a step-by-step map in order for the body to purge the toxicity or imbalance.

  3. You will learn a special muscle testing technique called Coherence Verification by Dr David Hawkins.

  4. You will utilize a Health Protocol that has been designed with all the essential elements for achieving vibrant health.

  5. You will learn how to open all 12 Chakras.

  6. You will know how to rehydrate a body on all 6 depths.

  7.  You will be able to reestablish perfect circulation of all the Nadis within the body.

  8. You will be given a "weight" protocol in order to reach ideal weight for the individual.

The length of this class is three full days, with the first session scheduled for January 2024. The dates will be announced soon.

For more details, please contact Mary Jo at

Cellular Hydration

At some point, I realized that nearly every symptom experienced by individuals was consistently linked to cellular hydration in some manner.  I have discovered that there is a direct connection between aging and dehydration at a cellular level.

I have also found that the human body cannot fully absorb water that contains contaminants like agricultural chemicals.  This mechanism is the body's way of protecting itself. Dehydration accelerates the aging process and makes the body more susceptible to illness and disease.

Being fully hydrated at a cellular level is crucial for every bodily function.
The Body Mapping system not only identifies the reasons behind dehydration at specific depths or levels, but it also effectively restores cellular hydration throughout the entire body.

Fluid and Electrical System Circulation

Second, I uncovered that the body's electrical system and fluid flow are essential to all healing.  Both of these elements, just like a river, must be powerful in order to effectively remove various accumulations. These accumulations can include toxicities from food and water, physical and emotional trauma, concussions, and even inherited imbalances.

If a person ingests an agricultural chemical, it can be likened to a large boulder obstructing the flow of a river.  Slowing down the energy and creating stagnation can lead to the transformation of this boulder into illness and disease. 

The Body Mapping system I have developed is designed to effectively identify and address any stagnation or congestion within the body. By utilizing a unique muscle technique and magnets, this system safely removes these issues.  This system aims to rejuvenate the body's energy rivers, resulting in improved health and a reduction in biological age.

Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen plays a crucial role as a component in water.  Hydrogen is present in all living water, making it the primary source of this element for the human body.  It is even a component of our DNA structure.  It is also utilized for the transportation of electrolytes throughout the body. The Body Mapping system will restore the body's natural production of hydrogen and replenish all levels of hydrogen.

During the process of developing this body mapping system, I encountered the most unexpected surprise.  There are no limits to our potential for achieving optimal health.  As we engage in purging, our overall health improves.  For instance, the presence of agricultural and water toxicities poses a significant obstacle to attaining optimal health due to their high frequency.  When the obstacle is removed, the body is able to restore itself, and the energy frequency increases exponentially.

This healing tool is truly remarkable and can be utilized both in person and remotely. It also incorporates a health and nutrition protocol that provides personalized recommendations based on an individual's DNA.

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