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To help you get started on the path to optimal health, we've provided a list of useful links below.

These are  things that I have seen make a significant difference in my client's health.

This glass is made Lead free and is created with a shape that vortexes water cells.  Use this glass for all your hydration needs.  Vortexed water is a great way to drink healthy living water.  I love their beautiful water decanters.

This is a fantastic on the counter water filter that removes most agricultural chemicals and other contaminants.

You want to improve your sleep?  Sleep on pure organic cotton sheets.  It allows your body regulate its temperature at night.  It no longer has to fight the harsh chemicals against your skin.  This will spoil you!

Try a whole range of Leela Q products that will enhance your overall health.  I love their water bottle that raises the frequency of the water.  This changes the harmful vibrations found in toxic chemicals.

Twisted Sage offers beautiful copper that will change  harmful chemical frequencies.  My favorite is the copper ring that I place over a shower head no matter where I go.

Pristine Hydro is an under the sink water filter that not only filters the contaminants but structures the water at the same time.

Live Pristine

This is a dual KDF shower filter.  This shower filter is a must for overall skin protection.  Keeping PFAS, chemical toxicities and fluoride out of the body.

Sleep on a grounding mat to take your immune system and overall health to the next level.

This is a must.  This ancient mineral is a must for foot and/or bath soaks.  Epsom salts will only go so deep, soothing muscles but soak your feet in pure magnesium for true bioavailable magnesium.  Foot soaks are a great way to detox  your entire body.  NEXT LEVEL HEALTH!

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