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Meet Mary Jo

I am a Quantum Energy and Hydration Practitioner who specializes in healing and restoring cellular hydration functions to promote optimal health.

After 17 years in the field of Energy Practice, I've developed a special body mapping technique.  Using this body process has given me a major epiphany regarding the magical qualities of living water. 
Over the years, I have observed the body's incredible capacity to heal itself and maintain a balanced state of equilibrium by relying solely on the essential fluids found within its cells. 

 Aging is dehydration.  

To achieve a harmonious balance, it is important to make self-corrections to maintain a healthy body, such as the type of water used to hydrate at a cellular level.

I have developed a strong passion for both experiencing the state of flow and helping to eliminate toxic elements that can be burdensome.  I have found that burdens can include agricultural toxicities that frequently show up in food and water, as well as past injuries, heavy metals, and even inherited problems. 

Once the flow has been restored, we witness the transformation happening right before our eyes. Experiencing the moment when someone's color becomes radiant, whether their mobility becomes more fluid or simply witnessing the relief on their face when pain is lifted, is a truly harmonious connection with nature.  

Being a part of this miraculous and divine creation is the greatest honor I could ever hope to receive.


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